Podcast: Jen

Jen at Vagabond Studio in Dayton, Ohio.

Every owner of a bus knows what it is like to break down on the side of the road. That moment of panic. The frustration. How their partner immediately gets stressed…

Well, we met a woman, Jen Hunter who uses her moments of stasis to keep moving forward. Jen is an artist and we met up at her studio, Vagabond, at Front Street Galleries in Dayton Ohio, in the old warehouse district. Across the street is an active warehouse where trucks come and go. Down the hall, some musicians were jamming. It is definitely not the ideal recording location, but it is the right place to conduct this interview. 

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Jen

  1. I am just now hearing this podcast. Thank you so much for the dedication to Bonnie. She was indeed a beautiful person.

    Love to all the van lifers and travelers out there. Spread the light.


  2. What a wonderful podcast. I have been friends with Jen and her family for many years. I know first hand her creativity, her art and her kindness. Thank you for bringing it to others. She and Jonah have beautiful stories of travel and that beloved VW bus. Thanks for getting to know these beautiful people and sharing.


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