Flatpack Camper console

Best Jerry Seinfeld impression: What is the deal with the UK? They have all the best VW interior products. Do they own the corner market on the bus? It’s like they have bus greed. ‘Yes, I’ll take a bus; make it a double decker.’ For real. When I started looking to install cabinets into myContinue reading “Flatpack Camper console”

Original Westfalia cooktop + cabinets

Prior to my owning her, Adie had some homemade cabinets. I suppose they were functional and probably sufficed for the occasional weekend camping trip. (I did, in fact, take a long weekend in it’s previous configuration and it worked fine—but merely fine.) A longer trip would be problematic for a couple reasons: There was aContinue reading “Original Westfalia cooktop + cabinets”

Headbanger cabinet

I built this badboy myself. Took the measurements and made a template out of cardboard, figured it all out on my own. I did find a company that built exactly what I wanted, but they were located in England and said they would not ship to the US. Meanwhile everything I could find in theContinue reading “Headbanger cabinet”