Season 6 is launched!

Another 10,000 miles, another season of So You Owned a VW Bus—the podcast fueled by the stories of VW Bus, Vanagon, and yeah, even the occasional Eurovan driver. This season we talked with a young couple who lived in their Syncro in the desert of Utah; the owner of the world’s first mountain bike shuttle service, who uses stretch Vanagons to transport clients; a prolific VW writer, photographer, and editor; the founder and president of GoWesty; a dear friend who learned how to drive in her bus; and a top notch mechanic in Colorado.

At the risk of making this post so long that folks won’t actually read it, I should mention that this season is very special to us. We would not have made it this far if it had not been for the kindness, support, and expertise of the people we’ve been able to meet. Ian and Kaitlin in episode 6 gave us a place to rest while Miracle recovered from a serious concussion. Paul Austin is an equally wonderful human and mechanic who made sure we were ready to tackle Wolf Creek Pass in the Rockies. GoWesty has been our parts sponsor for the past couple seasons and has made sure we are stocked with all the needed repair stuff (plus mosquito screens for Alaska). Eric Arnold in the second episode of the season is publishing a story I wrote for Vintage Voice this summer. The guy who opens and closes the season, Jesse Marshall, simply would not let us leave until he had fixed our long-suffering passenger door (you can hear him actually fix it in the final episode of the season). And, most dear to me, is Sally. I worked with Sally at a group home for teenage boys for several years. I was just entering into the adult workforce and she was getting ready to retire. She taught me a lot about life; but most importantly for a VW owner, she taught me about patience. Our journey has been safer, richer, and more fulfilling because we had the chance to sit down with these folks. I hope you all have at least half as much fun listening to these interviews as I did recording them. 

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