Pop top tent for Riviera

I know there’s the eternal debate over the superior camper bus—Westfalia or Riviera (and the answer is Riviera). But when it comes to the tent tops, the distinct advantage of Westies is that they have abundant manufacturers. Finding a decent tent for a Rivi is hard. Sure, there are a couple, but the best reviewedContinue reading “Pop top tent for Riviera”

Headbanger cabinet

I built this badboy myself. Took the measurements and made a template out of cardboard, figured it all out on my own. I did find a company that built exactly what I wanted, but they were located in England and said they would not ship to the US. Meanwhile everything I could find in theContinue reading “Headbanger cabinet”

Seat belts

This was an easyish project. After replacing the seats, I decided I also needed to upgrade my seat belts. Originally I had the usual, floppy belts that are now only found on airlines. Now I know why they are only found on airlines: they constantly get shut in doors, making them unsuitable for automobiles, butContinue reading “Seat belts”

Retractable dog run

Our dog, Jolene, goes everywhere we go. She’s a rescue and still a bit skittish, so we don’t like to leave her and we don’t know exactly what will spook her (although the list now includes butterflies, gravel, and chipmunks). More than once, she has bolted out of the van before we could grab holdContinue reading “Retractable dog run”

Hakwood ceiling

Maybe because Adie is a sleeper bus, maybe because I once visited the Sistine Chapel—beats me—but I love a nice ceiling. I’ve seen the muraled types and the bare metal, traditional headliners (like what I have in the pop top) as well as bamboo. But for Adie, I chose a tongue-in-groove board painted white. Simple,Continue reading “Hakwood ceiling”

Body work

Everyone has an opinion about body work—mostly the guys who do body work. Like everything else I do, I researched the shit out of this one.  It is probably worth noting what I was looking for in terms of bodywork because everyone has different expectations. What I want out of my vehicle can be markedlyContinue reading “Body work”