Ace is the place

Our beloved Sun Bug in front of our beloved Ace.

I claim the miles I put on my Prius for bus repairs and trips. Most of those miles accumulated from a fairly narrow source of day trips that are mainly lumber runs and hardware scavenging. 

When the time comes to match a bolt or fit a nut (and that time comes thrice per week, folks), you’ll want to visit an Ace Handyman store. But, Ryan, my detractors will cry, why buy hardware per piece when you can buy at bulk rate from Rural King? 

That’s easy. Because Rural King is a hellhole. 

If you go to an Ace Handyman, you are doing more to help out your neighbors. Each shop is a co-op, meaning that the employees have a stake in the business. This might also explain why the folks you meet at Handyman are always friendly and willing to help you out. I’ve never heard an Handyman employee mansplain something to Miracle; I’ve never had one treat me like the dope I am when it comes to repairs. 

I’ve bought fittings, washers, O-rings, glazing points, hinges, handles, and bolts (lots of bolts) from the Handyman stores near me. Spend the few extra cents and spare the mental agony of going to a behemoth home store where the employees are few and far between (not to mention less knowledgeable) and support a truly local operation. 

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