Rest and exhaustion

Six states so far and so much has happened—great hosts in Maryland, a fabulous winery in New Jersey right after we got off the ferry, a stop at Bus Depot (more on that later). After ten days of insufferable heat, we finally got a break in the weather as well as a chance to sleep inside at our friends’ house in northern Pennsylvania on Silver Lake. Then, once we were ready to hit the road to Connecticut—a crack in the exhaust system. 

The roads of rural northern Pennsylvania are the stuff of post-earthquake terrorscape—potholes and loose gravel. Soon our crack became a complete rupture so it sounded like we were riding a buzzsaw through the hills into the Catskills. 

Night was falling fast and it was dark. I don’t like driving in the dark. I don’t have brights and the deer in the Catskills are bold things. Plus the van is large and heavy and does not stop on a dime. 

Night was falling fast, but we still stopped for a photo…

As we careened around the final curves toward our destination for the night—a small campground near a nature preserve—I caught sight of a fellow VW Bus parked in a lot. Then another VW Bus. An auto shop that works on VWs. 

The next morning we visited this shop, Beek’s Auto, where Derrick took time out of his day to do a quick welding job so we could be on our way to Connecticut. 

Thanks, Derrick! (Also, ignore the oil…)

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