Springs n things

We got into Florida nearly a week ago and have now made it mostly to the south end. Man, it is a long, busy state. Before we left Ohio, Miracle said she wanted to swim in as many bodies of water as possible—tide pools, oceans, rivers, lakes, and springs. So far in Florida, we’ve managed to swim in the Gulf and a couple of freshwater springs. We also stayed on a private land where there was a cave filled with water. Miracle guaranteed me that this underground cave was likely a sacrificial ground of some sort, but I think that was a ploy to dissuade me from swimming in it. 

We knew we would see a variety of plants and animals on this trip, but we never imagined staying on an active sheep farm, nor did Miracle expect to swim with a manatee.

We saw dolphins jumping off the coast in Punta Gorda and tons of avian wildlife everywhere we go—ospreys and pelicans and other beaked friends of many different feathers. We haven’t seen many gators since leaving the Okefenokee Swamp, but imagine there might be one or two in the Everglades…

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