Missing snow

As I scrolled through Facebook (a time suck, I know), I saw so many pictures of familiar locales and people I know who are lucky enough to have gotten a little bit of snow. Both Miracle and I love snow. I mean we really love the snow—long hikes in it, driving in it. Whenever we got a decent amount at home, you could surely find me trail riding on my fat tire bike. 

But, the trip being what it is and neither of us particularly enjoying going into survival mode, we’ve stuck to the warmer latitudes these past couple weeks. Part of what makes the winter so wonderful is going inside and cozying up with hot beverages and thick blankets and looking outside. It’s like that hot/cold spa treatment for the soul. Down here it is warm, pleasant. Some days it stays hot. We miss the snow though. Someday, when this is all over, we know we’ll settle in a place that gets regular snowfall. 

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