Tennessee odds & ends

We didn’t exactly have the normal stay in central Tennessee. In fact, we didn’t even set foot in Nashville proper, opting for more rural locales and some cool hikes. Here’s some highlights:

Hohenwald: This little town is a treat. There’s an elephant museum, a natural history museum, and one helluva diner where we feasted on a cold, rainy day. 

Hikes: There’s plenty of nearby hiking—especially at Meriweather Lewis Monument where Meriweather Lewis died an untimely death on October 11, 1809. Not far from there was a trail to Fall Hollow. 

Interviews: We are currently collecting interviews for Season 5 of our podcast and we made the short drive out to meet Jaymi, an avid VW collector and, as we learned, the bassist for the band Slaughter. We look forward to re-listening to his episode as we edit. 

Wine and dine: We live in a bus, but we don’t have to be animals. Some nights we make a cheese board with odds and ends we have available—cheese of course, lunchmeat, leftover veggies, pretzels, etc. And this week we were lucky enough to stop by Saint Goose, a woman-owned wineshop in Tennessee, where the owner sat down to talk with Miracle about the industry and becoming a sommelier. (More on that experience in a future blogpost.) 

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