Truth or Consequences

True story: At one point in time, Truth or Consequences was named Hot Springs. But in the 50s, there was a radio gameshow by the name of Truth or Consequences. The host said the first town to rename itself for the show would get… an episode aired from that town. Guessing incorrectly that this would be a great move, the town of Hot Springs became Truth or Consequences. As it turns out both truth and consequences are things people desire less than hot springs and the town fizzled. Lucky for us because this place is great. 

First of all, there’s a row of hot springs in town. Like you can walk down the line and pick one out. And they range from $4-30 for an hour. We took an hour-long $10 soak at Hoosier (which is dog-friendly) and I felt like a million bucks afterward. The downtown is laidback and vibrant with tons of little galleries and shops. You’ll find similar art in Santa Fe or Taos, but it will cost at least double. 

And the art is everywhere. Each time you turn around there’s another mural and they’re all gorgeous. Because we are on a budget and we spent our money on a soak, we just ambled through the downtown taking in the murals. At the end of the day, you can grab a cold beer or cider at the Truth or Consequences Brewing Company and get out for less than twenty bucks. If you’re looking for a great affordable spot to relax and get the spa treatment without paying spa prices, this is the town for you. 

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