Playlist: North Dakota

Yeah, there’s not a ton to see here. And honestly, there’s not a lot to hear about around these parts either, which is why we are clipping through the corner of the Roughrider State just enough to visit Teddy Roosevelt NP. 

North Dakota: At the top of everyone—and I mean everyone’s—North Dakota playlist is Lyle Lovett’s song. It is slow and contemplative and spare, much like the state itself. 

Dusty Old Fairgrounds: Another unreleased gem from deep in the Dylan catalog. This is one of those cover-all songs that name drops about a dozen locales, so I have been saving it. North Dakota doesn’t give us much to sing about, but at least Fargo rhymes with a lot of things so it gets a mention. Unfortunately, Spotify only has covers as Dylan never officially recorded it himself.

But fortunately we live in the internet age and we have a single live recording of Bob himself singing it:

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