Playlist: Iowa

It’s our second time through the Hawkeye state and since I missed the playlist the first time, here’s an offering of some really solid tunes to get us through until Kansas. 

18 Wheels: Asked where this journey—this trip of a lifetime—began and I might just say that it began when I loaded into my buddy’s CRV a few years back and a certain Fred Eaglesmith song was playing. It wasn’t this song, but still. It was a weekend of hard decisions that would set my life on a different course and ultimately on a rambling journey across now 45 states. 

It Sure Can Get Cold in Des Moines: I was unaware of this Tom T. Hall song. In fact, before watching the Newsroom I hadn’t really been familiar with Mr. Hall. But this album was recently named #16 by Rolling Stone on their list of greatest country albums of all time. 

Big River: The Travelin’ Through collabs Bob Dylan did with Johnny Cash have come to my rescue many times on these playlists. The mention of Davenport gets Dylan on the list. Fortunately this is a chugging, rolicking tune that I am glad to include.

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