Finger Lakes, NY

Miracle suggested some months ago that we come to the Finger Lakes region of New York. Hiking, camping, wineries, vistas, and eateries. Even if you’re only into one of these things (or boats—lots of boating too if that the thing that, well, floats your boat), this is a trip worth taking. So far we’ve stopped at two wineries—equally impressive and located just two miles from each other. (Or, if you’re Google Maps, it is six miles by dirt road. I’m not kidding.) Damiani Wine Cellars was an old-school winery located atop a hill. They have an honest-to-God full-scale bocce ball court and offer indoor, outdoor, and balcony seating. The folks there are super nice and they are dog friendly. Atwater Vineyards is just down the road/around the globe via Google. I spent some time talking with Bobby who was friendly  and knowledgeable. When asked if their wines were dry, he replied, “Bone Dry.” That’s our kind of place. They had ample covered outdoor seating and the view—amazing of course. 

Watkins Glen State Park is hailed as the Grand Canyon of the east. While the title is a bit grandiose, it is breathtaking all the same. What doesn’t measure up in scale is made up for in sheer beauty. Green. Water. The sound. The feel of the air. How each hour the light hits differently and illuminates the gorge so it transforms completely. I imagine I could live here and never tire of walking the stair-filled Pretty Darn Good Canyon. 

As always, we took the backroads to get to Watkins Glen, which offers us more options for stopping. 

*This post published courtesy of the Watkins Glen Public Library WiFi. Support your local libraries, folks.

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