Podcast: Chris

Chris: a blue-eyed cat in a cowboy hat

Chris’s interview covers the two topics everyone wants to talk about—love and money. We interviewed Chris just south of Springfield, Ohio, at a barn sale where he’s selling all manner of leather goods—suitcases and coats, furs and hats. People come and go from the barn where the sale is taking place—the same barn where he is temporarily staying. Farther back on the lot is his 1985 weekender edition vanagon. It’s one shade of brown and he calls it The Groundhog. 

The Groundhog

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Chris

  1. “The Groundhog” – it’s funny how we all have nicknames for our VW buses! This is such a great idea and record, Miracle and Ryan – here’s to continuing adventures! ❤️


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