Podcast: Peg & Moira

In early autumn of 2020, Miracle and I conducted our first interview for our podcast with two Irish sisters, Peg and Moira. They messaged us on Facebook after Miracle put out the initial call for stories and told us about what they called their Irish Catholic edition VW Bus. As you might imagine, with a name like Ryan Patrick Ireland, I grew up both Irish and Catholic, though my childhood van looked nothing like theirs. (Ours was a giant Chevy conversion van and we toted a pop-up Coleman camper behind us.)

We sat outside Peg’s house on a quiet street with the birds singing,the occasional car passing by. Moira bicycled over from the other side of town to join us. It immediately became obvious that these two sisters have stayed close over the years as the stories of the Irish Catholic Edition bus poured out one after another. In this episode, we hear about a particularly memorable family vacation in the mountains of Pennsylvania where their brother was faced with an impossible decision…

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