Spice rack

The spice rack with lighting underneath.

Since the onset of fixing up the bus, I have been militant in my belief that every cubic inch should be utilized. After installing the Hakwood ceiling, I had this odd strip of space above where the sink/stove would go. Instantly I knew I wanted to make it into a spice rack. Using a carpenter square I measured the triangular pieces I need to cut on each end. 

Now going down the road with spice bottles clinking each other and sliding back and forth would be annoying. So I laid a magnetic adhesive strip on the shelf and bought magnets to hot glue onto the bottom of my spice containers. No sliding, no clinking. 

One other thing I did was run a strip of bright LED lights along the bottom to give my sink/stove a little more light. As anyone who cooks knows, the one area in your house you want well lit is the kitchen. 

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