Maine, part 3

Acadia National Park—it’s well worth seeing. We did the seaside trail walk, which allowed us to see some of the more famous spots. We also hiked South Bubble and Acadia Mountain. Although we did wake up early enough to summit Cadillac Mountain for its famed sunrise hike, the trailheads were already packed. We opted to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic. Unflagging winds from the waters whipped at our faces, but the sight was well worth it. 

Miracle spied a small car museum on Mount Desert Island called Seal Cove Auto Museum. This was a show stopper of a museum, folks. Miracle is a bit of a museum connoisseur. She loves museums like I love cideries. This particular museum had an exhibit about the connection between the development of the automobile and the women’s suffrage movement. Everything, including the copy on the displays, was top notch. (They even properly used hyphens and semicolons—a task I could not manage to get the $600K/year ad agency at my last job to do correctly.) The director of the museum was also a bit of a VW nut (like myself), which led to this magic moment:

That’s Adie sitting next to multimillion dollar cars. The director drove her into the museum for a little photo op.

5 thoughts on “Maine, part 3

  1. My husband and I saw your van in Acadia last week. I was shocked, because I took a picture of that van 3 months ago in the Kroger parking lot in Bellbrook, OH. We’re interested in getting a van, and I thought Adie was so cool. BTW, we loved Acadia, and if you get a chance check out Baxter State Park a little further north.


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