Florida for the holidays has its charms and drawbacks. Of course we are missing our family and friends as we live out here on the road. And the weather is decidedly unChristmasy. That’s great at night when we want to sleep without the hum of the parking heater, but the juxtaposition of wreaths and lights while the sun shines off palm trees just feels weird to a couple Ohioans.

A bonus of being in Florida is actually the weak  response to covid. While we were in Ohio, we could not get our booster because they were rightly prioritizing high risk folks. In Florida, they are just happy someone is getting the shot, I guess. We scheduled through CVS and walked in. Jab. Wait. Done. 

We had about 36 hours of feeling absolutely shitty though. And, as bus life luck would have it, these were an incredibly rainy and (for Florida) cold 36 hours. We were staying at a HipCamp and told our host we would like to book a second night because we were in no condition to travel. Within five minutes he was at our campsite, offering to help us in any way he could—a nap on his couch, a hot shower, warm food. 

So, yeah, it’s easy to default to the Florida man stereotypes, but like every other leg of our journey thus far, people continue to be incredibly kind. From the day we left home four months ago until today, we have only met good people. 

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