Podcast: Lucas, President of GoWesty

Buckle up, folks! This is a good ride. As we crisscrossed California, we stopped by the GoWesty campus in Los Osos to interview the founder and president, Lucas Valdes. It’s hard to imagine, but at one point in time, Lucas’ VW operation was considerably smaller. Lucas talks about how he started in the VW world,Continue reading “Podcast: Lucas, President of GoWesty”

Podcast: Sally

This episode is really special to me. When Miracle and I started out on our 49 state adventure, we received a lot of encouragement. But then I got a message from a woman I used to work with at children’s services some fifteen plus years ago. Her name is Sally Doyle. Even though we workedContinue reading “Podcast: Sally”

Podcast: Eric Arnold

We met Eric through the old VW network. I read a review of Jerry Steimel’s book Chasing Zorba in Vintage Voice magazine, so I looked up the editor, who happened to be Eric. I dropped him a line with a story idea. Before long I was writing an article for Vintage Voice. When it wasContinue reading “Podcast: Eric Arnold”

Podcast: Jesse “VW” Marshall

We were cruising around Moab, Utah, when I spied a stretch Vanagon parked on a side street. The side of it read Coyote Shuttle. A google search and a couple phone calls later and we were sitting down with Jesse Marshall (his wife calls him Jesse “VW” Marshall), the owner and operator of Coyote Shuttle.Continue reading “Podcast: Jesse “VW” Marshall”

Podcast: Xavier

Xavier Laurentio is a larger than life, colorful character. He’s been a bodyguard, an actor and is now a bonafide chef in New Orleans. We met up with Xavier at his home in NOLA and he told us about leaving his home country of Spain for the States, his travels and adventures across the USContinue reading “Podcast: Xavier”

Podcast: David Dotson

You might be surprised to find out that before David Dotson was Dolly Parton’s right hand man for her nonprofit, he was a VW bus owner. We had the good fortune of interviewing David at the Dollywood Foundation Headquarters in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (in what would be the last interview ever conducted in that building).Continue reading “Podcast: David Dotson”