Podcast: Paul

We sat down with Paul Austin, the owner and operator of Austin Automotive in Canon City, Colorado. Even though Austin Automotive doesn’t specialize in air cooled VWs like our bus, Paul is more than knowledgable about bay windows like ours. He was willing to spend an afternoon giving our bus the once over before we climbed our way across the Rocky Mountains. 

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Podcast: Detour #3

When we interviewed Shawn and Emma Sullivan at Happy Productions, they told us the story of how they acquired their bus (who is now also the Happy Productions logo), Cosmo. The story was simply too long for our regular podcast, but it is a story that needs to be shared. 

Glacier Glass and the end of the AlCan

Curtis, who wins the award for friendliest Canadian.

We are AlCan official. Many, many people drive the AlCan, but it seems like the rite of passage only comes by doing three things: First, you must take your picture by the sign. That’s easy. Second, you must get a flat tire. We took care of that in Destruction Bay. And lastly, you must get a windshield chip. 

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Podcast: Lucas, President of GoWesty

Buckle up, folks! This is a good ride. As we crisscrossed California, we stopped by the GoWesty campus in Los Osos to interview the founder and president, Lucas Valdes. It’s hard to imagine, but at one point in time, Lucas’ VW operation was considerably smaller. Lucas talks about how he started in the VW world, what it is like to grow a business, and some of the adventures he’s had along the way. 

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The Flat on the AlCan

The AlCan roads continued to be positively lunar, the way back every bit as murderously potholed as the way up. With each bounce and jostle, Miracle winced in pain and I apologized—to her, to the bus, to Jolene, to the cars stacked up behind us. At least we had some good seats. 

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Tok: Tim, Maria, and Randy

I noticed the engine acting a little funny when we pulled into Anchorage a couple weeks ago; it would diesel when I shut it off and when I turned it on, it took a few cranks to turn over. Our ever-trusty hometown VW guru, Norm, said it might be points. Fortunately, before heading north on the long and lonely Cassiar, I bought a spare set of points from Lordco. “If you correct the points and gap them correctly, the timing should fall into place.”

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Podcast: Sally

This episode is really special to me. When Miracle and I started out on our 49 state adventure, we received a lot of encouragement. But then I got a message from a woman I used to work with at children’s services some fifteen plus years ago. Her name is Sally Doyle. Even though we worked together for years, I had missed an important detail about Sally’s life—she owned a VW bus.

Review: Chasing Zorba

Setting out on this journey, we had a stack of books we each wanted to read. A decent amount of storage was dedicated to housing these volumes that ran the gamut from novels to memoir to song lyrics and even a volume of poetry. The truth is that life on the road whilst producing a podcast leaves little time for extended reading sessions. Instead of relaxing under a tree with a hefty book in hand, I chipped away at my reading while sitting in parking lots when it was Miracle’s turn to shop. But one book in particular came to be a constant companion and was truly a pleasure to read while cruising around the country in our VW bus. That book is Jerry Steimel’s Chasing Zorba.

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