Podcast: Jeremiah

Jeremiah Woods is the owner and operator of a bed and bus-fest called Camping in the Woods. Each rental unit is a decked out VW bus themed around a movie or an idea. Located in Golden, British Columbia, the scenery is stunning. It’s no wonder Jeremiah was able to secure a sizable check from the Canadian version of Shark Tank called Dragon’s Den

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Podcast: Pete

Pete Wedin is a fishing boat captain and guide who let us camp out at his place in Homer, Alaska, for a couple of nights. We all became fast friends. We sat down with Pete over a halibut dinner (excellent by the way) and a couple of cocktails. Following in the long tradition of seafarers also being experts storytellers, Pete regaled us with tales of the bus he owned forty years ago when he first came to Alaska as well as his current project—a bay window he is restoring. 

Season 8 is live

Season 8, the Alaskan leg of our 49-state adventure, is finally available on all streaming platforms. We really love this season and the people we met along the way. You’ll meet a professional fishing guide and sea boat captain, a wily Vanagon  owner, a bed and bus-fest owner, a couple of famous birders, the owner of a VW rental company, and a road savior located in the far north. These are some amazing people with great stories and loads of wisdom. Check out this season of So You Owned a VW Bus wherever you stream stuff.

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Podcast: Jennifer and Jonn

Jennifer and Jonn’s VW story is a love story. High school sweethearts and now husband and wife, their mutual love of VWs of all types has been present ever since their first date when Jennifer pushed her way into Jonn’s heart.

They owned a few VWs…

Podcast: Erik Schmid at Red Bus Brewing

Erik Schmid is the founder, owner, and operator of Red Bus Brewing in Folsom, California. But even more importantly, he owns a VW bus. The story of how he started a brewery, how he came to own a bus, and why his marketing is amazing are all intertwined.