Podcast: Brett

Now this bus is one wild ride. A 1958 panel van. The outside has been spray painted and airbrushed with murals. The once solid walls have portal windows and the wheel wells have been cut out. The front of the bus has a giant pair of steer horns. But the real stories reside with Brett—anContinue reading “Podcast: Brett”

Podcast: Neil

Neil is a close friend of ours. In fact, I actually lived with him after my divorce. Miracle too—a couple of divorced people living with our friend, Neil Webster. Now Neil has owned a whole lotta VWs. And even though we usually don’t talk about other VW makes on this program, it is worth notingContinue reading “Podcast: Neil”

Podcast: Lynda

If you’ve owned a Vw Bus for any length of time, you’ve probably got a tale of roadside breakdown woes. We met a woman, Lynda Hardman, who had more than her fair share. In fact, she swears her bus had a curse. She’s seen everything from flaming stoves to the crunchy demise of her not-so-beloved ASIContinue reading “Podcast: Lynda”

Podcast: Dan & Kathy

On the first decent spring day of 2021, Miracle and I donned our masks and drove out to Yellow Springs, the nearby hippie village at the north end of the county where we live—Greene County. Now, Greene County is a bit of misnomer—by and large the county is deep red with nearly every elected seatContinue reading “Podcast: Dan & Kathy”

Podcast: Jen

Every owner of a bus knows what it is like to break down on the side of the road. That moment of panic. The frustration. How their partner immediately gets stressed… Well, we met a woman, Jen Hunter who uses her moments of stasis to keep moving forward. Jen is an artist and we metContinue reading “Podcast: Jen”

Trail Magic

My mom always told me that the best place to network while you’re on the road is the laundromat. Many of my family’s sidetrips on our two-week-long rambles were the direct result of Mom striking up a conversation with some other moms who were in the laundromat. (And yes, it was overwhelmingly moms. It wasContinue reading “Trail Magic”